How to Have a Perfect Life

Ahem. Just kidding. I thought I would just get your attention so I could offer up my official disclaimer.

  • I’m a pinterest junkie. As such, I have found some awesome ways to save time, money, and sanity in my crazy life. Often, I tweak the ideas to form unique tips that work for me. To that end, I make no promises or formulas for having a perfectly decorated home, intricate dinner parties that will impress your husband’s boss, always having matching socks for your children, or perfect family photos. Perfection is bad. More on that later.
  • I never learned how to be a “quiet little lady”and I’m still working on the whole filter thing. What this means for my blog is that I will probably say stupid things or make ghastly mistakes. My opinions are my own. You can’t get mad at my mom, my church, my husband, or any person other than myself. Being a big girl, I grant permission for you, dear reader, to correct my grammar, logic, accuracy, and opinions. However, I hereby prohibit nasty comments directed toward the character of me or my readers. Such comments will be deleted.
  • As of now, I make no money from this blog. I plan to change that in the near future. I’m a mom of 8. I don’t plan to do this for free. What mom has that kind of time? My plans are to have somewhat regular posts featuring my Wildtree business with links to my personal representative page. I hope to have an affiliate relationship with Amazon. I plan to add unobtrusive ads to my site. I solemnly promise that I will not allow pop-up ads. My kids can attest to my frequent growling when I am busy reading a fascinating post only to have it rudely interrupted with a pop-up.
  • I have an BA degree in Education and a MA degree in English. Degrees I do not have include, but are not limited to, Medicine, Law, Counselling, Engineering, Architecture, Nutrition, Theology, Business, Nursing, Midwifery, Kinesiology, or Asian Art Appreciation. Any advice given regarding any particular discipline is not to be taken as professional advice, but rather as semi-informed opinion.

Ok, well that covers it, I guess. And if it doesn’t, there’s really no benefit to suing me as I have no ability to pay. 🙂

More later, dear reader. Lot’s more!


One thought on “How to Have a Perfect Life

  1. Well written indeed. Fun and easy read. (Could you add PoliSci to that list of degrees tho?) 😉


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