I Love my Tagline!

Before I get too far with this blog, I feel like I should address my tagline.

Embrace the Best. Hack the Rest.

This has been a lesson learned by my utter and complete failure at perfectionism. I used to call myself a “defeated perfectionist”. And even as I claimed the title, the word I mourned the most was “defeated”. How I wished I could drop the word “defeated” and just be a full-blown, successful perfectionist. How much easier things would be if I could just figure out how to get everything under control!

At this point, I can’t say that I’m entirely comfortable with the word “defeated”. But I do rejoice at the fact that I now recoil from the word “perfectionist”. This doesn’t mean that I do not still at times struggle. But I have learned more how to direct my struggle against any false sense of control I am clinging to rather than my former struggle against the entire universe conspiring for my demise by those nasty breadcrumbs that get stuck in the cracks of the table leaves.

This blog is a path. A path that I have chosen in order to figure out the difference between excellence and perfection. To learn what things can be “hacked” through, and what is truly worth pursuing all out. Your definitions and mine will differ (though I am sure that we can all agree that nasty breadcrumbs are not to be tolerated). I welcome any and all input. Let’s sharpen one another, “as iron sharpens iron.”


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